How to Help Us

Click Here To Sign The Petition

If you agree with our point of view, then please sign the petition above providing your Penn affiliated information specified so we can provide the NLRB (Which is the Federal Institution that will Govern Our Vote, our regional representative is Dennis Walsh) with physical proof that our stance has enough support to warrant removing your school from the bargaining unit. Please sign the petition by following the link above. This is for all those who are eligible to vote in the Union Election (Graduate Students). 

In the event your school is still a part of the Bargaining Unit, Please:


2. Please respect the true democratic process: even smaller groups deserve the right to have a voice during an election, if we do not have the option based on schools for optioning in or out of union on the ballot PLEASE VOTE NO (we ask this regardless of your politics, until we can vote again with truly democratic options). Your attention is appreciated, thank you!

If you would like to help us on the ground, please contact us as we need help informing grads of our existence and the alternatives we present.